Sports injury rehabilitation

Gymnasium is not just a gym. Part of our programs are designed to restore your body after injuries of varying severity.

The goal of Gymnasium rehabilitation program is to restore lost functions of the body and relieve any tension. A certified trainer develops an individual plan for each student and supports them throughout the course of rehabilitation.
In Gymnasium everything — from coaches to equipment — works for personal achievement!
Injuries that we recover
Our programs are designed for recovery:
значок руки
Shoulder, elbow and knee joints
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значок аппарата для операций
After surgery

Our coaches make an individual plan for each student. Gymnasium programs are designed for different types of injuries and consist different recovery exercises.
Recovery from injury— exercise that takes both time and effort. Individual training programs, created by our experts, will help to recover your body in the shortest possible period.
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Individual workout plans
Exercise routine, developed by our specialist, designed only for you.
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Sertified specialists
Gymnasium coaches — certified rehabilitation specialists
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Quick result
Gymnasium training program brings tangible result!
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5 years of work
We are constantly developing new programs and improving training processes.
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High quality equipment
Our equipment is specially made in America and Europe and adapted for Gymnasium training programs.
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Convenient schedule
Choose your program from 7.00 to 23.00. Duration of each workout is 60-90 minutes.
Movement overcomes pain
In Gymnasium we know that a serious injury is not the end. Our training programs are designed for complete recovery of the body. The main thing is to exercise diligently and believe in yourself.
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Our gyms
Large gyms are equipped with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. There is everything for new students and professionals.

Each hall is divided into zones for trainings sessions: even a beginner can easily navigate here.

Each Gymnasium room is a harmoniously organized space in which students develop and achieve high results!

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