Workouts for women

Gymnasium - huge space in Moscow city center and Moscow region, where everything works for your result. We help create the dream body: slim, flexible and strong.
Значок йога и пилатес
Our yoga workouts are for all levels of training: precise body alignment in asanas, deep physiological and therapeutic effects.
Intensive training with a barbell aimed for development of strength, endurance and the formation of the relief of main muscle groups. The main difference from traditional strength training is a high tempo and a large number of repetitions.
Power workout strengthens the muscles of legs, buttocks and lower back. Changes are noticeable after a few weeks: the stomach becomes flat, and the gluteal muscles - taut.
Various weight loads are used during training session.
Pilates develops abdominal muscles, improves muscle balance and coordination. This program is suitable for those who form posture.
Functional weight training on TRX hinges. Develop balance, strength and endurance.
Equipment BLACKROLL prepares the body for training and speeds up recovery after exercise. Exercise relieves muscle pain and stress.
Bodybalance training develops flexibility, strengthens muscles, increases joint mobility. There are no sharp and intense movements - only concentrated work with the body.
Women's boxing in Gymnasium is a worthy alternative to fitness. The program includes self-defense training. Result id noticeable after a few lessons.
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Jiu-Jitsu exercises develop body motility and flexibility. In a roll the one who owns a larger number of receptions wins.
EMS-workout is a training for your muscles which are triggered by electrical impulses. Instead of loading muscles with movement and various sports equipment, they experience shock.
Why people choose us
Gymnasium coaches are champions, black belt winners and masters of sports.
We help to move in the right direction and not relax on the way to your goal.
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Various programs
Gymnasium programs with no injuries. We develop strength and endurance. We carry out group and individual lessons.
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World champions
Gymnasium coaches are champions and professional athletes, participants and medalists of international competitions.
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Quick result
Gymnasium training program brings tangible result!
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5 years of work
We are constantly developing new programs and improving training processes.
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High quality equipment
Our equipment is specially made in America and Europe and adapted for Gymnasium training programs.
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Convenient schedule
Choose your program from 7.00 to 23.00. Duration of each workout is 60-90 minutes.
Set goal — go for it
In Gymnasium we achieve goals with our students. Sports activities are not easy for everyone, but we turn this process into pleasure and make you believe in yourselve!
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Our gyms
Large gyms are equipped with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. There is everything for new students and professionals.

Each hall is divided into zones for trainings sessions: even a beginner can easily navigate here.

Each Gymnasium room is a harmoniously organized space in which students develop and achieve high results!

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