Kids 2-4 years
The successful future of your child
starts at the School of Heroes.
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Our heroes
Behavior problems age 2 to 4
3 Years old crisis
Problematic peer relations
Emotional instability and conduct disorder
Low attention span
Rejection of consent, rule-violating behavior
Poor physical development
How School of Heroes helps solve them

In 2 weeks
of group activity and work with a psychologist, the child understands that any game is played according to the rules
In 1 month
of classes in the School of Heroes child begins actively develop emotional intelligence
In 6 months
kids noticeably ahead of their peers in physical development
Sports education
lays the foundation of discipline and makings of a winner
A child learns to perceive teamwork in a playful way
Mentor aims to unlock the potential of each child, tracking their results
Fundamental principles
Sport - best tool for education

Every kid is able to become a leader
Every kid can be a winner
School programs age 2 to 4
Our mentors improve the coordination of children and teach them how to fall without injury.
Core is the performance of childs balance, agility, and motor coordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts and sports.
Fairy tale therapy
The basis of fairy-tale therapy is the process of connection between actions in a fairy tale and reality.
In addition to mentors, a psychologist also works with children.
Educational games
The skills acquired in the course of educational games, your kid can easily put into practice. In addition to mentors, all games are conducted under the supervision of a psychologist.
Classes are based on judo techniques with the use of games and exercises. Performing them kid will receive a basic knowledge for further development in any type of martial arts.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions among children are held every year. Thousands of participants and their coaches from all over Europe gather in Moscow to take part in the only children's jujitsu tournament.
Building healthy habits
It should not, however, be forgotten that the further development of various forms of activity plays an important role in shaping the positions held by participants in relation to the tasks set. Thus, the implementation of the planned targets entails the process of implementation and modernization of forms of development..
Summer camps
Gymnasium City Camp is a week-long shifts with classes of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kids yoga, competitions, English lessons and much more.
Why people choose us
School of heros is a place where everything is done with love. In our schools, both mentors and psychologists work with children.
значок кубок
World champions
Coaches of the School of Heroes are world champions and professional athletes, participants and international competition winners.
значок сердце
Every coach has completed a first aid course and is closely following all actions of students. We make sure that they leave without bruises and scratches.
Convenient schedule
Convenient training schedule: from 7.00 to 23.00. The duration of each workout is 45 minutes.
Our mentors
Mentors of the School of Heroes - champions, owners of black belts and professional athletes.
They are engaged in the physical and moral development of their students.
Andrey Kupreev
Mentor, Judo and BJJ coach
  • Graduate of School "Sambo-70"
  • Started sambo and judo at the age of 12, at age of 14 won his first tournament, at 18 became the winner of the championship of Russia in judo
  • European Sambo Champion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Cup finalist, Russian judo medalist, multiple Moscow judo and sambo champion
  • Sambo master of sports
  • Judo master of Sports
Dmitry Grankin
Mentor, Judo and BJJ coach
  • Brown belt
  • Multiple winner of IBJJF tournaments
  • Multiple times medalist of UAEJJ tournaments
Andrey Nachalov
Mentor, Functional training specialist

  • Sambo master of sports
  • Graduate of School "Sambo-70"
  • Judo master of sports
  • Experience working with children- 8 years
    Maxim Matushkin
    Mentor, Functional training specialist

    • Certified rehabilitation specialist
    • Certified Kinesiologist
    • Sports Nutritionist
    Rashid Akzhigitov
    Mentor, boxing coach
    • Professional boxer, he is in top 10 boxers of Russia
    • Candidate Master of Sports in boxing among amateurs
    • Trained under the guidance of Roy Jones Jr.
    • Coaching experience— 8 years
    Alexandro de Souza
    Mentor, BJJ coach
    • Black belt
    • Coaching experience— 21 years
    • Multiple International Tournament winner
    Ilya Styrkov
    • Freestyle wrestling master of sports
    • Belt wrestling master of sports
    • World championship silver medalist
    • Russian Championship medalist
    • Winner and medalist of international tournaments
    Rostislav Berezovchuk

    • Graduate of School "Sambo-70
    • Sambo master of sport
    • Judo master of Sports
    • Moscow multiple champion
    • Medalsit of multiple Russian championships
    Our Gyms
    Large gyms are equipped with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. There is everything for new students and professionals.

    Each hall is divided into zones for trainings sessions: even a beginner can easily navigate here.

    Each Gymnasium room is a harmoniously organized space in which students develop and achieve high results!
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