Your child will learn how to work and communicate within a team, will improve his motor skills, physical development and coordination, and learn how to fall without injury.
We will teach children how to change clothes independently,
politely interact with adults, we inculcate discipline and positive friendship skills.

We will teach how to overcome laziness and fears, set goals and achieve them, increase school performance at the expense of discipline.
We help our kids cope with problems related to transition period. Teenager gets a senior fellow mentor.
School of Heroes
Наставничество направлено на развитие всей личности, в нем могут быть применены самые разнообразные техники, чтобы дать надлежащий результат
Senior friend
Personal example
Mentor monitors school performance / results not only on the mat, but also in life. He is the curator of life processes, responsible not only for athletic performance, but also for results in general - leads through life, forms personality.
This is an experienced senior friend who helps and guides the child on the path of life.
Our gyms
Large gyms are equipped with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. There is everything for new students and professionals.

Each hall is divided into zones for trainings sessions: even a beginner can easily navigate here.

Each Gymnasium room is a harmoniously organized space in which students develop and achieve high results!
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